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18 January 2012 @ 08:00 pm
Spring Forward, Fall Back (1/?)  

Title: Spring Forward, Fall Back
Pairing(s): Brittana, Klaine, Faberry, Sugarmony. Mentions of Finchel, Bartie, and probably a few others that I can't really remember...
Author: KrisRide94
Rating: PG
Summary: Harmony, Rory, and Sugar are the best of friends. When their family life starts to fall apart, they wish on a star to change it, at any cost. They find themselves in 2010, with a mission, to get their parents together no matter what. Should be simple, right? Or not. AU
Spoilers: Season 1 and 2, sort of. It's going to get really AU eventually, so the spoilers won't hold up forever.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Notes: So, I edited this pretty heavily so that some of the plot points would mesh a little bit more successfully. I also tried to edit it a bit to fix some surface mistakes that I caught when I was re-reading it a few days ago. Anyway, I hope you guys like it and if you notice anything that doesn't seem to mesh, please let me know so I can fix it. Also! Eli is in fact an original character, created for the sole purpose of being the father of Harmony and her siblings. Hope you guys like it.



Chapter 1

Harmony Berry-Fabray considered herself to be relatively proficient at hiding her emotions, owing to the fact that she had taken acting classes since she was five. However, she fought mightily not to burst into ugly sobs as she held her baby brother into her side as he whimpered when the sound of their parents arguing swelled suddenly. Trevor, who was only twelve, swallowed hard and glanced up at her with watery eyes.

"Why are mom and momma fighting, Harmy?" He asked lowly, sniffling quietly.

Harmony frowned deeply as she thought, her bright, nearly electric blue eyes attempting to focus on anything but the forlorn expression on her brother's face. She blinked hard and squeezed his arm gently as she pressed a kiss to his temple tenderly.

"I honestly don't know, Trev. Just try to go to sleep, sweetheart, I know you're tired. I promise it will get better." She murmured lowly, in much the same manner her mom did when she was trying to comfort one of them.

He glanced at her again, his expressive hazel eyes shy and bloodshot, "You swear?" He nearly whispered.

Harmony managed a warm, confident smile as she slid out of his bed and pulled the blankets up to his chest, "I swear, T.J." She replied with a fierce conviction that nearly startled her with its intensity.

The dark haired boy nodded and rolled over in bed, pressing his cheek into the pillow and closing his eyes after a moment of hesitancy. Harmony sat on the edge of his bed until he started to snore softly, and she slipped out of the room without a sound, pausing in the hall way as she listened hard to the noises drifting from downstairs. Her parents had been fighting for quite some time, the arguments varied in intensity but for the past few days Harmony was almost amazed that none of the verbal altercations came to blows.

Needless to say, seeing their parents relationship fall apart in front of them was incredibly difficult for both herself and her younger brothers to come to terms with. She listened intently for a moment and bit her lip hard as the low, heated tones of the voices downstairs indicated the middle or the beginning of an argument. The fair haired young woman pressed the heels of her hands into her eyes roughly, fighting both her urge to cry and the urge to punch the nearest wall until the pain in her hands distracted her from everything else. She breathed deeply to prevent her tears, she still had to check on Aiden, who was fourteen, and he got incredibly rowdy when she was upset.

A sudden and rather unexpected wave of what could only be described as rage of an almost unnatural nature washed over her and she pushed it away with a cold determination. She was furious, that was perfectly true. She was beyond angry that her parents were stuck in such a rut that they could not work out their problems and had taken to arguing endlessly about the most trivial, insignificant things; hell, for the last hour they had been arguing fiercely about something that had happened to them in high school! However, underneath what seemed to her was a nearly boundless fury was a sense of longing so great that it nearly pained her to consider it, because despite all of the anger she felt, she only wanted her family to be whole again.

She knocked softly and pushed Aiden's door open slowly to find him awake, with headphones plugged into his computer, blasting what sounded like music and playing a video game on his laptop.

"Aid!" Harmony called, waving sharply in the hope of getting his attention.

He glanced up as he tugged an ear bud out sharply, his hazel eyes curious, "Are they still arguing?" He asked simply.

Harmony smiled sadly, "It seems like it. I think I'm gonna go for a walk or something, are you okay?"

Aiden nodded, his medium length dirty blonde hair falling into his eyes briefly, "I'll be fine. I'll try to make sure they don't wake Trev up."

Harmony offered him a watery smile in return, "I love you, Bud."

Aiden grinned brightly, "I love you too, Harmy."

She smiled again as she closed the door behind her and padded down the hall to her own bedroom, taking in the mess that she had left recently and making a mental note to tidy up later, her mom would hassle her until she got it done anyway. She shrugged on her leather jacket; it was a gift from her "uncle", a guy named Noah Puckerman, who was one of her mother's best friends. He had given it to her as a birthday present when she was twelve and it was her favorite thing in the world, next to her guitar, which was close second. She then slipped on a pair of ratty black Converse and fired off a text to her best friends in the entire world.

Harmony: Parents are fighting again. Going to the park. Meet me there?

She received her responses almost instantly and she smiled fondly at her cell phone as she glanced at them quickly.

Rory: Be there in 5

Sugar: Come get me on the way – parentals are gone...

Harmony nodded to herself as she tucked her phone into her pocket and trooped down the stairs to find that her parents had stopped arguing, if only because they were no longer in the same room. She found her mom – Rachel – sitting in the living room clutching an old family portrait in her hands and studying with such a forlorn expression that Harmony felt her heart clench in her chest, there was no way her mothers deserved this. They were wonderful parents, and they had hit a rough patch that had sent them into quite a tailspin, but there was no way they did anything to prompt it.

"Mommy." Harmony called softly, garnering the woman's attention almost instantly because the teen had abandoned the moniker when she had turned twelve.

Rachel raised her head and smiled wanly, "Hey, baby girl. Where are you off to?" She asked softly.

"I'm going to the park." Harmony began, wondering if she should actually tell her mom why she couldn't stand to be at home right now. "I told Trevor that you and Momma were going to stop fighting. I really hope that you do. I know you guys love each other, so I don't understand why you're so angry with each other all the time. I mean, maybe I'm too young to understand how this stuff works, but this is not how you and Momma are supposed to be. You're supposed to be our rocks, our protectors. How can you be, when all we want to do is find a way to fix you?" She paused again and Rachel nearly cried at the distraught expression on her daughter's face.

"I just want our family to be whole again." Harmony managed, her voice cracking slightly.

Rachel nodded as she wiped at her eyes, "I know, sweetheart. We're trying." She replied softly.

Harmony smiled thinly in response, "I love you, mommy." She mumbled, kissing Rachel's cheek softly.

"I love you too, baby girl. Tell your momma bye before you go." Rachel replied, smiling warmly.

"Will do." The teen replied, ambling into the kitchen where Quinn was busying herself by doing the dishes.

"I'm going to the park, momma. Mom wanted me to tell you." Harmony said, smiling brightly when her mother turned around.

Quinn smiled in return, "We're trying to work it out, Harm. I want you to know that, we're not giving up." She murmured with a slight frown and a determined expression.

Harmony smiled slightly and hugged Quinn, smiling even wider when the blonde woman hugged her fiercely in return. "Have fun at the park sweetheart. Be back by ten, okay?"

Harmony smiled, "Yes, momma." She replied, waving jauntily as she left the kitchen and bidding Rachel goodbye again before leaving her house and walking two houses down to pick up her best friend, Marina "Sugar" Lopez-Pierce. Sugar was a childhood nickname, but the girl preferred it to her given name to the point where she introduced herself as such.

Harmony and Sugar had been best friends since they were infants, neighbors in Queens since they were four and they had been dating for two years, since they were fourteen. Sugar's parents, Santana and Brittany Lopez-Pierce, had been best friends with her own parents since they were teenagers. Sugar and Harmony spent most, if not all of their free time together because Sugar's parents had insanely hectic work schedules and hardly ever made it home before their daughter was asleep. Although that hadn't started happening until they were older, even then, Harmony felt incredibly terrible for her girlfriend and always wondered what had turned her aunts into the absentee parents they had become. Harmony knocked on the front door loudly and grinned brightly when Sugar answered and kissed her languidly in greeting.

"We gotta get going, sweetie. Rory's probably already there." Harmony informed her with a slight grin.

"Let's bounce then, babe." Sugar replied, her bright brown eyes sparkling with excitement. "How are your moms doing?" Sugar asked quietly as they walked, intertwining their fingers with a shy smile.

Harmony flushed and sighed lowly, "I think they're doing better actually." She replied, smiling slightly.

Sugar smiled in return, "That's good." She paused briefly, "Is that Rory?"

Harmony squinted at the figure of a tall, lanky boy leaning against the light post twenty feet in front of them and smiling brightly as she waved vigorously at the boy, "Rory!" She called happily.

He glanced up and grinned crookedly as they reached him, pulling Harmony into a hug and kissing her head in an affectionate manner as she pulled away, "Hey, Harm. Hi, Shug." Rory greeted.

Rory was the last member of their circle, and his parents, Kurt and Blaine Anderson-Hummel were close family friends. They had been separated for a few months, owing to what Rory had snidely informed them were "irreconcilable differences", something that the young man was none too happy about. He loved his fathers more than anything in the world and when they had split up it had pretty much blown a hole in his entire life. It had only been the last week or so that Harmony and Sugar had finally noted the grand reappearance of their chipper, goofy best friend.

"How was your day with Nanna Anderson?" Harmony asked, smiling slightly as the three of them settled on the swings.

Rory grinned and ran a hand through his hair, his baby blue eyes amused, "It was fine. Nanna lectured me on being a good boyfriend for almost an hour, it was insane. I just introduced her to Sarah last week."

He paused and cleared his throat, "'Rory, you treat that girl o' yours like a queen, eh laddie? Don' let her get away." He drawled in a perfect Irish accent.

Harmony snorted into her palm as she fought not to laugh and tilted her head back to observe the stars with a lazy smile. She gasped softly a few moments later, "Guys, look." She pointed and watched along with her friends as a series of shooting stars flashed across the inky expanse.

I wish my family was whole again. I want to fix it. I'll do anything.

The teens thought in unison, pausing briefly to consider their desire before snapping out of their thoughts and falling into conversation once more. They left the park an hour later and retired to bed, falling asleep following a strange and unexpected exhaustion.

Harmony awoke later with such an intense pounding in her head that she briefly entertained the idea that there were tiny little men residing in her cranial cavity, bound and determined to pound away at her skull with an annoying ferocity. Her next, most coherent thought, which she later attributed to her mom's flair for the dramatic being instilled into her was that she had been drugged, or kidnapped, or something else equally as dangerous and unlikely.

She rolled over and buried her face into her pillow before attempting to open her eyes, as she was not at all prepared to have her eyes burned by the insane amount of sunlight that always seemed to invade her bedroom in the morning. It wasn't until she finally opened her eyes that she realized she was not in her own bedroom, she was in a small, practically furnished room with a large duffel bag on the foot of the bed with a small book resting atop it.

She fought her intense urge to panic and crawled to the duffel bag, leaning back on her heels as she inspected the book, which she found to be some sort of instruction manual scrawled in unfamiliar handwriting.


I'm not going to waste any time introducing myself, as it is of no consequence whether you know me or not. You have been granted an extraordinary opportunity. You are in Lima, Ohio. It is the year 2010 and you are going to meet your parents as teenagers. You are being allowed to attempt to mend their relationships now, to keep them from travelling on the path they are currently on, for it will not lead to your birth and the life that you remember will be lost, should you fail. Your memories of the future may change as time goes on, but do not fret, when you return it will be as if you had never left and all things in your life will remain familiar. You are no doubt aware that there are two sides to every story, two paths to take, two choices in every decision you make. The paths that your parents are choosing to take at this moment, do not bode well for you. I understand that you may be entirely confused as to what your being here will do, but I encourage you to trust yourself. Everything will mend itself in time, child.

That being said, you and your companions will be allowed to attend school with your parents and they will recognize you in a sense. They will feel a sort of pull, an indication that they know you, that there is some deeper meaning behind their recognition than just having seen you in the halls before. You are, in absolutely no manner, allowed to tell them that you are their children unless the situation is an absolute emergency. I trust that you will know when that is necessary. You will live with a guardian who you will meet shortly, and they will look after the three of you.

You are being given a chance that not many are privileged to receive. Please, do not squander it.

Good luck –

Harmony blinked hard and set the journal next to her on the bed as she went about rifling through the duffel bag in order to distract herself, her thoughts were buzzing around with such intensity that any attempt to focus on one brought her physical pain. She found at least two weeks' worth of clothes, a wallet that contained her driver's license, a family portrait, two hundred dollars, and a picture that she and Sugar had taken at a photo booth in the Smithsonian. She glanced at the license briefly nearly rolling her eyes at her own unfounded doubts when she instantly recognized her name on the card and found that she remembered absolutely everything about her life.

She tossed the wallet back into the bag and slid off of the bed, leaving the room a few minutes later with the sole intention of locating her friends. It took her several minutes of frantic searching to realize that she was pretty much lost, and whatever house she was currently residing in must have belonged to some eccentric business tycoon in Lima, who enjoyed living in a labyrinth as opposed to a house. Roughly ten minutes later she stumbled into the kitchen and nearly broke out into song and dance at the sight of her girlfriend and best friend.

Sugar kissed her cheek gently in greeting and motioned discreetly for her to turn around as she intertwined their fingers quickly. Harmony turned warily and studied the man standing across from them with a cold, contemplative expression as she attempted to identify him.

He was an older guy, maybe in his early forties, but he was rather handsome none the less. He was tall, standing comfortably around 6'2" with the straight backed posture that suggested service in the military. He had a very lean, muscular build that further supported the theory that he was a veteran. He had short, dark hair that was tousled in a way that led her to believe he'd just rolled out of bed. He had intelligent, bright blue eyes that were instantly familiar and a weeks' worth of stubble lining his jaw.

Harmony smiled brightly in recognition, "Daddy?" She murmured, launching herself at the man when he nodded in affirmation.

He chuckled lowly, "Hey, kiddo." Eli Collins murmured lowly, pressing an affectionate kiss to the top of his daughter's head.

"Are you the one who is going to look after us?" Harmony asked lowly as she pulled away, smiling slightly at the man.

Eli grinned and nodded slightly, "That's right. I've been assigned to keep an eye on you three until you can complete whatever mission you've been assigned and we can return home." He replied.

Harmony giggled slightly, "You're not in the Marines anymore Daddy. Not everything has to be a mission."

Eli smirked and kissed her forehead, "You know how it is, Minny, old habits and all that." He replied, his low tenor decidedly amused.

Rory coughed into his fist to clear his throat and smiled nervously, even though Harmony was his best friend in the entire world and she had repeatedly reassured that he had nothing to worry about, the boy was still nearly deathly afraid of the tall, sharp eyed man that was standing in front of them. Even though he had only actually met him a few times, and he had pretty much considered him to be God when they were children and he was still an active soldier in the Marines.

"So, um…Mr. Collins? How long are we going to be here? I mean, I never really asked my dads when they got together or whatever, but I'm still pretty sure that's not until later." Rory drawled, picking at his fingernails nervously.

Eli blinked slowly and smiled at the nervous boy, "Okay, Ror. I know I've told you to call me Eli; I'm not nearly old enough to be Mr. Collins." He paused and smiled sheepishly, "I believe we might have overshot it a bit, in terms of a timeline. I think we're just a little early. I got one of those little journals, too. I'm supposed to take care of the three of you, until you can set your parents on the right track. Personally, I'd really like to be able to meet the women who will allow me to be Minny's dad, again. I really don't want to have to go back to a future where two of my best friends don't know who I am and my daughter might not exist." He replied.

Sugar frowned slightly as she thought, "What grade are they in? It might not help Rory yet, but I know when my parents got together in high school. And Harm's parents officially got together the summer after they graduated high school." She explained, glancing at Eli hopefully.

Eli nodded and took a small leather bound book out of the back pocket of his jeans. He inspected the journal for a long moment, reading it as quickly as he could and grinning slightly when he finished.

"Next week, your parents will begin their junior year in high school, so it looks like we're in this for the long haul. With the exception of Blaine, who is going to be a sophomore at Dalton Academy. The three of you are going to attend McKinley high as juniors." The bright eyed man paused for a moment.

"You're already registered at school; I just have to finish a couple things before you go on Monday. Obviously, your names and some details of your backgrounds had to be tweaked in order for this to work." He glanced at his daughter and cleared his throat as he glanced at her information, "Harmony Collins, transfer from New York. You live with your dad, and I'm not married so your mom left when you were little, okay?"

Harmony nodded simply in response and Eli continued, "Rory Flanagan, exchange student from Ireland. Your parents live in Dublin, where you're from and we're your host family. Clear enough?"

Rory nodded, "Yes, sir."

Sugar raised an eyebrow curiously, "What about me?" She asked, tilting her head to one side and grinning eagerly, prompting a low giggle from her girlfriend who found the expression adorable.

Eli smiled slightly, "Sugar Motta, transfer student from L.A. You're an old family friend, your dad is a lawyer and your mom is a choreographer. How's that sound, kiddo?"

Sugar grinned brightly and for a moment Harmony couldn't help but think of her Aunt Brittany, "Sounds pretty damn cool, actually. Hey, are we allowed to go explore or whatever? I've only been here a few times, and from what I remember…it sucks." She paused and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, Asperger's."

Eli threw his head back in laughter as he tucked the journal back into his pocket, "Yeah, go for it. Minny has my cell phone number, so call if you need anything. And please, don't get into any trouble."

The teens smiled innocently before they bounded back up to their rooms to change out of their pajamas. Harmony grinned brightly when she finished changing, she was nervous as hell but she was also hoping that she would get to see her parents soon. The amount of curiosity she felt was nearly ridiculous. She had been beyond pleased to find her favorite red beret tucked into the duffel bag, it was a hand me down gift from her mom and she absolutely adored it. She had also discovered the polished gold locket that her parents' had given her for her fourteenth birthday, it had a star engraved on the front and inside were two pictures, one of her and Sugar at a glee club gathering and an old family portrait.

She opened her door to find that Sugar and Rory were already there waiting patiently for her to join them. Sugar was fiddling with a silver charm bracelet that had been a gift from Santana when the young woman turned ten, she adored it. Rory was busy tucking his Rosary into his shirt, his Dad's family was Catholic and the Rosary was pretty much a rite of passage for Anderson men, so Blaine had given it to him when Rory turned twelve.

"I found my bracelet! The one from my Mamí. Ror found his Rosary from Uncle Blaine too. But you already knew that 'cause you can see them…" Sugar trailed off, flushing slightly and grinning.

Harmony chuckled lowlyand kissed her quickly before grinning at her companions brightly, "You guys ready to go exploring?" She asked softly.

Rory grinned, "Hell yeah we are! Let's go!"

The girls laughed and Rory grinned as the three of them linked pinkies, a childhood habit that had developed when they saw Santana and Brittany doing it. They strode back into the kitchen but Eli was gone and Harmony grabbed a set of keys on the counter that had been sitting on a note informing them that the car the keys belonged to would be theirs while they were in Lima.

"Where should we go?" Rory asked, his voice thick with the Irish accent he had perfected as a child.

Harmony smirked, "Why don't we go find this car first? Then we can go to that coffee place downtown, uh…The Lima Bean. It shouldn't be too hard to find."

She glanced at the keys in her hand and then at the cars parked in the driveway. A smug smile tugged at her lips when she realized that the maroon '66 Mustang convertible in the driveway was theirs for the time being. She absolutely adored vintage cars, and she helped her Dad restore them when she went to visit him in Queens.

"Sweet." Harmony drawled, unlocking the car and rolling her eyes when Rory chose to jump over the side and into the back seat rather than open the door to get in.

"To the Lima Bean!" Rory crowed, laughing happily.

The girls rolled their eyes at the younger boy and Harmony smirked as she started the car and peeled out of the driveway, heading in the direction that she hoped would lead them downtown. It took them less than ten minutes to reach the coffee shop and the three of them were nearly crawling out of their skin in nervous excitement at the prospect of meeting their parents as teenagers. A low whistle caught their attention as they got out of the car and Harmony was the first to turn around, only to blink in astonishment at the sight of a tall, muscular boy who sported a well groomed Mohawk and a slight smirk. It was her uncle Puck.

"Nice. What year is it?" Puck asked, gesturing at the car simply.

Harmony grinned as she tucked the keys into her pocket, "It's a '66." She replied simply.

Puck whistled lowly in appreciation before he quirked an eyebrow lazily, "You three new in town?"

Harmony nodded slowly, "Yeah, I'm Harmony. Uh…Harmony Collins. This is my friend, Sugar Motta. And this is Rory Flanagan, the exchange student living with us." She explained, swallowing nervously.

Puck smirked and nodded, "Cool. I actually gotta go, so maybe I'll see you guys at school. Later." He raised his hand in a lazy wave and climbed into his truck, pulling out of the parking lot a few seconds later.

Harmony sighed lowly in relief, "That was so strange." She breathed lowly.

Sugar nodded in agreement, "I'm kind of hoping we don't see our parents yet. I think I might actually pass out."

Rory reached out and threw his arms around their shoulders with a slightly nervous smile, "Well, let's try to avoid that, eh? We're going to see 'em eventually. Maybe not for a bit, but pretty damn soon." He shared a brief glance with the girls and smiled warmly, squeezing their shoulders gently before they entered the café, locating a table quickly.

"Can we get coffee?" Sugar asked brightly, bouncing in place slightly.

Harmony smiled at the brown eyed young woman adoringly, "Sweetheart, I love you to death, but that is not a good idea." She replied, her bright eyes clearly amused.

"Why not?" Sugar pouted, crossing her arms petulantly.

Rory snorted, "No offense, Shug, but you're like a hummingbird on speed when you have coffee." He informed her lowly with a teasing smile.

Harmony bit her lip hard to keep from laughing, but she caved within minutes when Sugar resorted to giving her girlfriend puppy dog eyes, a look that Harmony had never been able to resist.

"Okay, babe. Fine. Do you want anything, Ror?" Harmony asked, quirking an eyebrow curiously.

Rory and Sugar relayed their orders to her quickly and Harmony ambled up to the counter, on the lookout for any more familiar faces. She rattled off their orders to the boy at the cash register and she leaned against the counter as she waited for their coffee. The order was ready a few minutes later and an hour later they decided to head back home, having caught no sight of their respective families and resigning themselves to waiting until Monday to see their parents.

Ellianemiss_darkmoon on February 1st, 2012 05:33 am (UTC)
Re: Feedback! :D
That's awesome :D Haha, I was reading your blurb thing on the side of your page while scrolling to the top and thinking "hey, that looks like my blurbs..." with the interests thing XD I used to play drum kit with a band but now I mostly play djembe, haha :D (Hand drums require a lot less practice for me and I'm lazy :) And kind of like it better now too. But the full kit is fantastic too!)
hi_im_krishi_im_kris on February 1st, 2012 05:38 am (UTC)
Re: Feedback! :D
Haha that's pretty awesome! It's always cool to meet another drummer. I need a new kit so bad though, it's getting to be a piece of junk. Lol I just have to save up and get a new one haha
Ellianemiss_darkmoon on February 1st, 2012 08:42 pm (UTC)
Re: Feedback! :D
It is, isn't it? :D And aw, that sucks! Ha, I bought a new kit like... gosh it would have to be almost five years ago or something. But it's still pretty decent because that was a while before I stopped playing it. Before that I was playing shows on this piece of crap I picked up at a garage sale XD

And saving up is always the key, isn't it? Haha, that's the one thing I've enjoyed about switching to hand drumming... though my djembe is still too big to be really portable.