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05 February 2012 @ 03:04 pm
Uncharted Territory (13/?)  

Pairing(s): Rachel/Quinn, Santana/Brittany, Kurt/Sam
Rating: PG
Summary: Sam, Quinn, and Brittany are triplets. They move to Lima from Tennessee before the start of their Junior year. Shortly after arriving they meet the three resident divas of McKinley. The rest, as they say, is history.
Notes: Howdy! I'm so, so very sorry that I haven't updated this in ages. I've been so swamped with school work, but I got hit by inspiration this morning and started writing, so hopefully it paid off. Anyway, there's a new character in this chapter and I hope you like them, I sure enjoyed writing them in. After you meet them, let me know who you might have in mind to play them, like an actor that might fit the part. It will help me pick someone, and then help you guys visualize them. That being said, I had fun writing this and I hope you have fun reading it!

Chapter 13
In the week or so that followed Dave's inclusion into the Lopez house he became a surprisingly wonderful addition to their group of friends. After he got over his fear of being gay and all of the pain that hiding it had caused him, he was an incredibly nice person to be around. He was well mannered and surprisingly intelligent, with a dry sense of humor that Santana responded to very well, much to the amusement of the rest of their friends. The most surprising development on that front was probably Dave's friendship with Kurt and Sam, who were very understanding and more than willing to be friends with the boy, despite his earlier misgivings.

That friendship was ultimately what convinced the two of them to help Dave find a boyfriend, much to the embarrassment of the boy and to Santana's perpetual amusement.

"What time are we supposed to pick Dave and San up? And where are we going, babe? You still haven't told me." Sam drawled, quirking an eyebrow as he scratched the back of his head absently.

Kurt glanced at his boyfriend who was glancing down bashfully due to the fact that Kurt was still getting dressed. The blue eyed boy smiled in amusement as he slipped on a t-shirt. Sam had been pretty much amazed that Kurt hadn't felt the need to dress up very much for their excursion; instead the brunette boy had chosen to wear a black V-neck and faded skinny jeans. Sam, for his part didn't mind at all, in fact, he thought the younger boy looked pretty hot.

"We're going to take Dave to the mall; I asked one of my friends from Carmel to meet us there. Dave is his type and I'm hoping it goes over well." Kurt explained, leaning down slightly to kiss the blonde boy, who grinned like a dope when they broke apart.

"Does Dave know that's what we're doing? I mean, we're basically sending him on a blind date. With some additional moral support." Sam replied, laughing quietly.

Kurt rolled his eyes, "Of course he knows. The poor guy would probably have a heart attack if we just sprang it on him, and then San would die of laughter and I would be down two friends." He replied, sending Sam into a fit laughter.

Kurt smiled in amusement, "Get up, you dork. We have to go pick them up now."

Sam smiled as he rolled off of Kurt's bed and intertwined their fingers as the smaller boy led them out of his room quickly. They left the house after calling a quick goodbye to Finn and Burt, who were watching college football in the living room. Sam figured that his sisters probably would have accompanied them, but Quinn was spending the weekend with Rachel and her parents at Rachel's aunt's house in Dayton; and Brittany was at dance camp for the weekend so Santana had pretty much jumped on the opportunity to get out of the house. It took the two of them all of five minutes to drive to Santana's house and Santana and Dave were on the porch before Kurt had even put the car into park.

"What up, Blondie? Porcelain?" Santana greeted, smirking as Kurt rolled his eyes at the nickname Coach Sylvester had given him; he still wasn't sure how Santana even knew it.

Sam laughed at the nickname, it was better than Trouty Mouth, so he had never bothered to make Santana stop calling him that.

"We're good, San. How are you feelin' Dave?" Sam asked, grinning at the green eyed boy.

Dave smiled slightly, "I'm kind of nervous, but what the hell. Let's do this." He replied with a low chuckle.

Santana cheered as they piled into Kurt's car, "That's the spirit, buddy." She crowed with a laugh.

The mall was a good thirty minutes away, so the drive there was spent with Santana and Sam trying to get Dave to relax. Kurt tried to contribute but as he was driving, there was very little he could do. Luckily, by the time they got to the mall, Dave looked far more confident and he was smiling slightly as they entered the building.

"We're meeting Carson here. Relax, okay Dave? It'll be fine." Kurt smiled at the taller boy and Dave managed a wan smile in return as the blue eyed boy studied the people in the food court, only to wave a few seconds later.

Dave took a deep breath as he watched a tall, solidly built young man stroll over to them with an easy smile. The other boy, Carson, studied Dave with a slight smile; the dark haired boy looked adorably nervous.

Carson was hardly shorter than Dave, standing at around 6'1", he was relatively lanky in comparison but he was muscular from his career as the varsity captain of Carmel's soccer team for the last three years of his high school career. He had medium length strawberry blonde hair, expressive brown eyes and a crooked smile that made
Dave nearly weak in the knees.

"Hello," the dark eyed boy greeted, holding his hand out, "I'm Carson. Carson Prescott."

Dave smiled in return and shook the boy's hand, "I'm Dave Karofsky. Do you go to McKinley? I think I would recognize you if you did."

Carson shook his head and laughed, "No, actually. I go to Carmel. It's nice to meet you Dave. Hey, do you want to get something to eat? My treat."

Dave blushed and smiled, "Yeah, sure." He turned to his friends, "I'll see you guys later?"

Sam grinned, "Sure thing, dude. We'll meet you back here in a few hours."
"Where do you guys want to go?" Sam asked curiously as they milled around at the edge of the food court, he was amused as he glanced at his boyfriend, who was just pleased as punch that Dave and Carson had hit it off so quickly.

Santana shrugged dismissively, "I don't really care, and whatever you guys want to do is fine with me. I just wanted an excuse to get out of the house." She replied with a sheepish grin.

Sam smiled, "Brittany's going to be home tomorrow morning, San. And I'm sure she'll want to spend all day with you, telling you how awesome her dance camp was."

Santana smiled at the mention of her girlfriend, "Yeah, probably. I just miss her, you know? Anyway, how's Q-ball faring on the Berry family front?" She asked with a snicker.

Kurt laughed, "Rach said that she almost had a panic attack when she met her aunt and uncle. After the initial shock though, Quinn's doing just fine. Didn't you talk to Rach about that anyway?"

Santana grinned and nodded, "Of course I did, and I just wanted some confirmation. Rach likes to exaggerate; you know that as well as I do."

Sam smirked at the two of them, "Look at it this way, if Luce ever takes Rach down to Nashville to visit our family, then they'll be even." He replied.

Kurt glanced at the blonde boy curiously as they started to walk, "Are you planning on going down there anytime soon?"

Sam smiled and nodded, "Yeah, during fall break. We were all going to talk to our parents about bringing you, and Rach, and San to visit our family down there. You know, if you wanted to." He flushed darkly, "It was just a suggestion."

Kurt smiled warmly, "I would love to meet your family, babe. Let me know what I have to do to go with you."
Santana rolled her eyes playfully, "Oh gag. I guess I'll have to talk to Britt about that when she gets home. When's Q gonna drop that bomb for Rach?"

Sam laughed, "She swore up and down that she was going to talk to Rach and her dads while they were gone this weekend. So, I guess we'll see how that goes." He paused suddenly when they walked past the comic book shop in the mall; he bit his lip briefly and glanced at Kurt.

Kurt chuckled, "Go ahead, babe. San and I will shop for a while. Call me when you're done and we'll come back."

Sam grinned brightly and kissed Kurt's cheek briefly, "Will do. Love you, babe."

Kurt flushed and smiled, "Love you too, Sam."

Santana grinned at the boys, "So, where are we off to now, Kurt?"

The blue eyed boy shrugged, "I don't even know. We could go to the record store though; I haven't been there in ages."

Santana grinned at the boy, "Sounds like a plan. Let's bounce."

Kurt rolled his eyes, "You're a goofball, San."

Santana snorted, "I have literally never been called that in my entire life. Yay! It's a new milestone for us. I'll mark it in my calendar and everything, 'First time Kurt called me a goofball'." She replied, smirking at the boy.
Kurt laughed, "Way to go, smartass. I can't say I didn't see that coming." He replied as they entered the music store.
Dave fought hard not to blatantly stare at the young man sitting across from him as they ate in comfortable silence. He was far more relaxed around Carson than he initially thought he would be and for that, he was incredibly grateful. He also made a mental note to thank Kurt and Sam for convincing him to do this, he would probably thank Santana too, although the only thing she'd done was crack jokes that embarrassed the hell out of him, but she meant well and that definitely counted for something.

Carson smiled slightly, "So, I'm gonna go ahead and say that you play sports for McKinley. Is that accurate?" He asked, chuckling lowly.

Dave grinned slightly and nodded, "Yeah, that's accurate. I'm on the hockey team, and I play football. What about you? I mean, you look like you know your way around an athletic field."

Carson smirked and winked at the larger boy, "I know my way around a lot more than that. But yeah, I'm on the soccer team, and it's definitely not sports but I'm in Vocal Adrenaline. The show choir at Carmel."

Dave blinked in surprise, "Really? That's interesting."

Carson quirked an eyebrow, "Oh yeah? Why's that?" He asked, smiling as he finished the last of his lunch.

Dave flushed slightly, "I just…I don't know. Forget I said that. You'll have to let me hear you sing sometime then."

Carson smiled warmly at the blushing young man, "I'll be sure to do that. McKinley has a show choir too, don't they? Are you in it?"

Dave smiled thinly, "We do, but no, I'm not in it. My friends are though, and I've heard them perform before. They're really good." He replied, smiling a little more.

The brown eyed boy nodded slightly, "Yeah, we performed against them last year at Regionals. They were surprisingly good. I think I might go to their Sectionals just to see them, would you want to come with me?"

Dave blushed and smiled slightly, "Uh…yeah, that would be fun. Aren't they like two months away, though?"
Carson smiled sheepishly, "Yeah, they are. I was kind of hoping that we could call that a date. If you're up to it." He replied, studying Dave shyly.

Dave grinned crookedly, "I'm more than up for it." He paused and glanced at his watch, they had been sitting there for the better part of three hours. "Wow, time flies, huh?"

Carson laughed, "That it does. Hey, give me your hand real quick."

Dave did so quickly and watched in silence as the boy scribbled his phone number very clearly across his palm, "I have to hit the road. I've got soccer practice pretty soon; our coach makes us practice during the off season too. Call me later?"

Dave glanced at his palm and grinned, "Definitely. Have a good night, Carson."

The blonde boy smiled, "It can't get much better than this, but I'll give it a shot. See you later."

Dave watched him go with a dopey smile, turning and doing a victory dance when he was sure no one was looking. He fumbled with his cell phone for a minute before calling Santana quickly.

"What's up, Dave?"

"Carson just left. Where are you guys?"

"At the comic book store, waiting for Sam to pay. Meet us here."

"Will do. See you in a minute."

"Hey, big guy! How'd it go?" Santana asked loudly as Dave ambled up to them with a smile.

Dave laughed, "It went great. See?" He showed her the phone number with a smile and she clapped him on the back with a grin.

"Way to go, dude! Seriously though, I'm glad it went well." Santana replied as Kurt and Sam exited the store.

"Hey man, I take it that your lunch went well." Sam greeted, noting the bright smile Dave was sporting.

The green eyed boy grinned, "Yeah, it went awesome. Thank you guys."

Kurt smiled, "It was no problem, Dave. We have to get going though; Sam told my dad and Finn that we would be home in time to play football with them before it got dark."

Santana laughed, "You agreed to play football? Here I thought your stint as a kicker was crazy enough."

Kurt grinned sheepishly, "Sam asked me and I couldn't say no. So, yeah, I agreed to play football. Besides, I'm pretty good at it and Finn always wants to practice."

Dave chuckled, "That's all right, Mrs. Lopez wants us to help her cook anyway. Remember San?"

Santana chuckled, "Yeah, I remember. For real though, my mom is gonna strangle you if you don't stop calling her Mrs. Lopez." She replied, grinning at the boy.

Dave blushed, "I can't help it, it's how I was raised. Eventually, I'll try to stop. Besides, your mom loves me, she wouldn't strangle me."

Santana rolled her eyes, "Damn, you're right. Well, she's not gonna love either one of us if we don't get home on time. Let's get it going."

Kurt laughed, "Lead the way, San." He replied, amused.

The drive home was slightly longer, only because the traffic was a little more intense. Santana amused herself by grilling Dave about his lunch date with Carson. By the time they returned to the Lopez house, Dave looked like he was going to spontaneously combust he was blushing so hard and Kurt urged Santana to leave the boy alone as the two of them left the car. Santana raised her hand above her head in a wave as she trooped up the stairs behind Dave.

"Hola, Mamí." Santana greeted, kissing Maria's cheek in greeting as they entered the kitchen.

"Hola, mija. How was the mall?"

Dave grinned, "It was fun, thanks for letting us go." He replied.

Maria smiled at the boy, "It was no trouble, mijo. Go wash your hands, so you can help me cook."

Dave nodded and tugged Santana out of the kitchen with him to prevent her from telling Maria the details of their trip to the mall. They washed their hands quickly and Dave surprised Santana by hugging her when they entered the hall.

"Thank you, San." He mumbled, smiling bashfully.

Santana smiled in return, he wasn't being very specific but she had a pretty good idea about what he was thanking her for, "You're welcome, Dave."