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02 February 2012 @ 03:54 pm
Spring Forward, Fall Back (2/?)  

Title: Spring Forward, Fall Back
Pairing(s): Brittana, Klaine, Faberry, Sugarmony. Mentions of Finchel, Bartie, and probably a few others that I can't really remember...
Author: hi_im_kris
Rating: PG
Summary: Harmony, Rory, and Sugar are the best of friends. When their family life starts to fall apart, they wish on a star to change it, at any cost. They find themselves in 2010, with a mission, to get their parents together no matter what. Should be simple, right? Or not. AU
Spoilers: Season 1 and 2, sort of. It's going to get really AU eventually, so the spoilers won't hold up forever.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Notes: What's up, guys? So, thank you to everyone who reviewed such, I really appreciate the support and I just want you to know that I love you guys to death. Eli is in fact an original character, and this chapter might make it much easier to see but my versions of the kids are a bit tweaked from the versions on the show. As they should be. Anyway, this chapter is a lot shorter but I hope you guys like it anyway. Also, I went ahead and posted a picture of Eli on my ff.net (KrisRide94) profile, kudos if you can guess who it is, if not, just ask and I'll be happy to tell you.

I have also gone back and edited this pretty heavily, added some things that I hope will provide some degree of depth to the story. Haha.



Chapter 2

Harmony awoke nearly two hours early on the pleasant Monday morning that marked their first day at William McKinley High School, which was sure to be an interesting experience, for lack of a better term. She ran a hand through her newly dyed dark hair and stared at her alarm clock blankly for a moment, absently wondering what exactly had possessed her to wake up a little after four in the morning. Granted, she had been worrying incessantly about starting school and exactly what purpose their arrival in the past would serve. She literally could not find a single reason that anything they could possibly do would make any bit of difference for their parents in the future. Other than the fact that her own parents had fought quite a bit over past transgressions in high school. A quiet knock echoed throughout the room a few minutes later that broke up her thoughts and Harmony opened the door, smiling warmly at the sight of her girlfriend who was sporting bed head and an adorable sleepy smile.

"Hey, baby." Harmony greeted, her voice rough with sleep. "You couldn't sleep either?"

Sugar nodded as she bit back a yawn, "Nuh uh, can I lie down with you?" She replied, blinking wearily.

Harmony nodded and pulled the girl into her room with an adoring smile, "You don't need to ask, sweetheart. Are you nervous? You know, about school?" She asked softly as they settled into bed, allowing Sugar to snuggle into her before awaiting an answer.

"A little. I mean, my parental situation right now is the easiest to deal with; my moms are friends at the very least. Your parents are pretty much frienemies at best, and Rory's parents haven't even met each other yet." Sugar paused and sighed lowly, "Keeping this a secret is going to be a pain in the ass. Do you really think we can do this? Get our parents together with minimal drama?"

Harmony managed a throaty chuckle that made Sugar shiver against her, as the bright eyed girl pressed a kiss to her bare shoulder, "I think we can do anything if we try hard enough. So, yeah, I think we can get our parents together." She paused and pulled the blankets over them, "Now, go to sleep, sweetheart."

Sugar curled into her and snuggled her head into the crook of Harmony's neck as the older girl sighed lowly. Sugar was right, her parents would be the easiest to get together at this point, but their relationship had not developed with quite the amount of drama that accompanied Rachel and Quinn's, not by a long shot. Although, Harmony wasn't all that sure how her aunts even acted around one another anymore, because they were hardly ever home long enough to interact with one another. From what Sugar had explained to her, and what she could fill in from her own experiences, Santana and Brittany were some of the best parents in the world; when they found time to pay attention to their daughter. When they entered middle school, Santana and Brittany got major boosts in their careers and the free time that they had once had dwindled until they might see Sugar for a few hours during the week, at best.

Therefore, the girl had taken to sneaking over to stay with Harmony most of the time, unless of course, one of her mothers made a grand appearance before Sugar decided she would rather be anywhere but at home alone with no company and nothing to do but think. It sucked, to say the least, and the worst part was, no amount of subtle pleading could convince either one of them to take a few days off and spend time with Sugar, something that the teen missed more than anything else in the world. Harmony sighed again and closed her eyes, no amount of extra help in the past was going to stop her aunts from becoming absentee parents in the future, but she hoped to God that something good would come out of their extended stay in the past.

The teens awoke nearly in unison to the sound of the alarm clock blaring and the smell of breakfast wafting up from downstairs. Sugar groaned lowly into her pillow as Harmony fumbled with the alarm clock, slapping the snooze button ferociously before managing a pleased smile and glancing lazily at her girlfriend. She studied the brown eyed young woman silently for a moment, flushing darkly when Sugar glanced her direction and promptly caught her staring.

Sugar bit her lip as she smiled, "You have insane bed head right now, babe." She informed her with a low giggle.

Harmony grinned as she ran her fingers through her hair, "Believe me, I know. We should probably get out of bed now." She replied with a crooked smile.

Sugar pouted, the last thing she wanted to do at that moment was get out of bed and head for the figurative Lion's Den that was McKinley High. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't incredibly nervous, and her Asperger's tended to cause her to act out when she got nervous, something she knew Harmony made a point to watch. The Latina snapped out of her thoughts when Harmony slipped out of bed almost silently and bent over absentmindedly to stretch, eliciting a choked, barely disguised moan from her girlfriend.

Harmony glanced at her in amusement, "Something wrong, sweetie?" She asked innocently, fighting her urge to smirk.

"No, everything's fine. I'm gonna go take a shower now." Sugar squeaked, her cheeks flushing darkly.

Harmony did a victory dance to her closet as she gathered her clothes for the day, she absolutely loved to tease Sugar the few times she had the opportunity because Sugar was usually the one to get a rise out of her, since Harmony was the more modest of the two of them. She changed into a tight white tank top, a pair of faded skinny jeans, her favorite pair of Converse, her leather jacket and her mom's beret. She rapped out a tune on the bathroom door, "I'm going downstairs now, sweetie."

Sugar called back an affirmation and Harmony trooped down the stairs quickly, her hands starting to tremble slightly with nervous energy. She tried to formulate a mental check list of things she had to do before they left because oddly enough, that was one of the few things that calmed her down. Her Momma was pretty much the same way and Harmony knew for a fact that she had developed quite a few facets of her personality that were eerily similar to Quinn's. The only one her Mom had a problem with was an apparent inherited love for tattoos, as Quinn had several and Harmony was fascinated by them. She shook her head to stave off her sudden, random thoughts as she entered the kitchen.

"Morning, dad." Harmony greeted, pressing a kiss to the man's cheek before she slid into a seat at the bar in the kitchen.

Eli smiled warmly, "Good morning, Minny. How are you feeling?" He asked cheerfully as he fixed their plates, loading them with pancakes, eggs, and bacon for Rory and Sugar; and one with fruit and no bacon for Harmony, who was a vegetarian.

"Good, a little nervous, but fine otherwise." She replied as Rory entered the kitchen.

"Top o' the mornin'!" The Irish boy greeted with a laugh as he slid into his seat. He wore a light green button up, dark jeans, beaten up green Converse, and his Rosary.

Harmony grinned at the boy, "The green's a nice touch, Ror." She drawled playfully, laughing when Rory merely rolled his eyes and Sugar bounded into the kitchen with a grin.

Sugar wore an orange t-shirt that was a little long in the back, a pair of cream colored jeans, orange Vans, and her charm bracelet. Harmony kissed her chastely in greeting as she slid into the seat between her and Rory and Sugar regarded her girlfriend with a pensive expression.

Harmony frowned slightly, "What's wrong, Mari?" She asked softly, her use of the rare nickname revealing the depth of her concern.

"Do you want to be out at school? I mean, you introduced me as your friend when we met uncle Puck, so we don't have to be out at school. It would be easier." Sugar met Harmony's eyes with a mournful expression and the blue eyed young woman nearly growled in protest.

"It would be easier; it is by far the easiest option. But I'm not ashamed of you, I love you Sugar, and I'll be damned if I let the opinions of a few close minded assholes change that. So yeah, I want to be out at school, and I hope you do too." Harmony replied, her expression determined.

Sugar grinned, "Of course I do. I love you too." She replied happily.

Eli smiled at the teens as they ate their breakfast quickly, having expressed a desire to get to school a little earlier to familiarize themselves with the campus. They had absolutely no idea what the school looked like, considering all three of them had grown up just outside New York City and had only been to visit Lima a handful of times.

"Bye, dad. See you later!" Harmony called as the three of them left the house.

"Bye, guys. Have a good day!" He called in response.

"Should we audition?" Rory drawled lowly as the three of them studied the sign-up sheet for Glee club that was pinned to the bulletin board in the hall. Class wasn't going to start for another ten minutes and the trio had already located their classes, the auditorium, and the choir room where they hoped they would be later in the day.

Harmony grinned, "Why not? It'll be fun." She replied, scribbling their names on the form quickly. She had already thought the decision through and she had decided that she would join the club despite the fact that her voice was incredibly similar to Rachel's, she just didn't want to pass up an opportunity to spend time with her mothers in a setting where they actually got along to an extent.

Sugar smiled, "Well, now that we've gotten that settled…" She paused at the sight of a lanky, bespectacled boy sporting an afro strolling down the hall towards a couple that she recognized to be her aunt Rae and Rory's uncle Finn.

She nudged Harmony urgently, "Babe, it's your mom." She muttered, pointing down the hall.

Harmony stared at Rachel with a blank expression, immediately noting that her mom didn't look that much differently in the future, maybe a few more worry lines, but aside from that - it was like looking into a mirror, well sort of. She finally snapped out of it when the small young woman strolled up to them with a bright, welcoming smile, "Hello! My name is Rachel Berry, and this is my boyfriend Finn. Are you three interested in joining Glee club? I can assure you that it would be a truly wonderful experience." Rachel rambled, her bright smile never waning.

Harmony nodded as she snapped out of her stupor, "Yeah, we are going to audition." She replied quickly, fighting to keep her voice from cracking and resisting her urge to hug her mom fiercely.

Rachel beamed, "Wonderful. I'll see you three during free period then. Best of luck." She turned and strode away before Finn smiled at the three of them and followed the petite young woman.

Harmony glanced at her schedule quickly; the receptionist in the office had informed them that free periods were issued depending on grade level, so they would have theirs during second period. The dark haired young woman frowned, that wasn't nearly enough time, and she was pretty sure if she didn't start breathing normally she was going to have some sort of panic attack in the middle of the hall.

Finally, the bright eyed young woman pinched the bridge of her nose briefly, "This is going to be a long day." She groaned lowly, smiling thinly when Sugar intertwined their fingers and tugged her gently in the direction of their first class, AP U.S. History.

The class itself was entertaining and by the time it was over, the time travelling trio, as Eli had dubbed them jokingly, had met Kurt, Tina, and Mike. Rory, of course, had nearly had a heart attack upon seeing his dad face to face, but he had recovered quickly and the class drew to a close without incident. He was still pretty much in shock as they ambled out of the classroom, back in their time he had only been allowed to stay with Kurt every other week and considering he was far closer to the pale, bright eyed man, he had been utterly devastated by the lack of time he got to spend with his father.

"You were right, Minny. This is freakin' weird." Rory murmured lowly as they turned the corner, heading for the choir room for their auditions. Harmony laughed as they entered the room, drawing attention to them almost immediately, she flushed but continued to smile, absolutely nothing was going to deter her from auditioning.

"Hello. Are you three interested in joining Glee?" Mr. Schue greeted them, smiling hopefully.

Rory nodded, "Yes, sir. We'd like to audition now, if that's all right." He replied, nearly laughing at the way the older teens in the room perked up at the possibility of a few new additions to the club.

Will grinned, "Of course. Which one of you would like to go first?"

Harmony raised her hand quickly, "I'll go." She replied quickly.

Mr. Schue gestured for her to proceed and she conferred with the band quickly, coercing them into letting her use the acoustic guitar near the back that remained untouched. Harmony smiled slightly, "I'm Harmony Collins, and this is 'Sparks Fly'."

She grinned happily when the song ended and the others applauded enthusiastically. Rory went next and sang "I've Gotta Be Me", a song he had learned from Finn when he was a little kid. Sugar, who was admittedly the weakest singer of the three, sang a surprisingly good rendition of "Big Spender", which was her go to shower song. Needless to say, by the time their free period was over they were a part of New Directions.

When their last class of the day drew to a close, the teens were grateful to go home after the events of the school day. They had been involved in a relatively impromptu performance of "Empire State of Mind" in the Quad during lunch, and they had witnessed the most terrifying fight they had ever seen between Quinn and Santana who had never argued to the point where they would dare trade blows. Granted, they had argued plenty of time, but the sheer ferocity they had displayed had nearly gotten Harmony slugged in the face when the young woman attempted to pull her mother away from her godmother before any serious injury was caused to either of them. Needless to say, the teens were pretty much warily terrified of their parents at that point.

"I have never seen my momma that angry before, and she's been kind of scary sometimes. That was insane." Harmony muttered as she rooted through her locker, organizing her books quickly as they waited for Rory.

Sugar nodded in agreement, "Me neither. That was totally crazy." She glanced down the hall and smiled as Rory reached them, only to gasp in shock as Karofsky strolled past them, tossing a slushie at Harmony with a laugh.

"Welcome to McKinley, freak!" He called over his shoulder, yelping aloud when Harmony tackled him easily.

Rory and Sugar pulled the seething girl off of the jock as she struggled against them mightily, screaming curses in a mixture of French and Hebrew, both of which she was fluent in thanks to her parents. Harmony tore out of their grasp a moment later and tore her jacket and shirt off as she went, glaring at everyone she passed with Sugar on her heels. After the display by her mother only an hour before, she was also confident that she got her volatile temper from her momma.

"Back up!" Rory barked, effectively clearing a path for him to squeeze through as he hurried after them, oblivious to the intrigued glances that the Glee kids were flashing them.

Rory sighed lowly as he leaned against the wall outside the bathroom, This is going to be a long couple of years.

there_u_arethere_u_are on February 3rd, 2012 12:08 pm (UTC)
hahaha... im shocked to read that harmony attack Karofsky when the slushy was threw at her. good for her!! way to go! anyway, thanks for updating this!i hope the next one will be soon. take care and have a nice day!