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09 September 2011 @ 04:19 pm
Uncharted Territory (10/?)  

Quinn swallowed nervously and glanced at the small bouquet of flowers in her hand, it included lilacs, Rachel had mentioned that they were her favorite and if Quinn’s hopefully fool proof plan was to work, she had to make use of those little snippets of information. Also included in the bouquet were a few other flowers that Quinn had spent quite a while beforehand obsessing over to make sure their meanings were appropriate. She absently wondered if Rachel would be upset that she was a little late for their sleepover, for lack of a better term, but she shook that thought away as she attempted to clear her head.

The blonde girl reached out and noticed that her hand was trembling; she steeled her resolve and knocked quickly and loudly on Rachel’s front door. Hiram answered the door with a bright smile and ushered Quinn inside as he shrugged on his coat, Hiram and Leroy were going to be gone for a few hours as Saturday was their scheduled date night and they made it a point not to miss it. Luckily, Rachel had remembered to tell her that and Quinn’s parents had eventually agreed to let her stay the night regardless of the lack of parental supervision in the beginning of the evening.

“Rachel’s upstairs in her room, Sweetie. Go on up, her room is down the hall and to the right.” Hiram informed her with a warm smile.

Quinn smiled in return, “Thanks, Hiram. Have fun on your date.”

Leroy smiled at her as he gently ushered his husband out of the house, “We will. Have fun, and don’t burn the house down while we’re out.”

Quinn laughed, “I’ll make sure it stays safe.”

The front door clicked closed behind them softly and Quinn hefted her bag a bit higher on her shoulder and called Rachel’s name from the foot of the stairs, to alert her that she had arrived before she headed up the stairs to her best friend’s room. She knocked softly and pushed the door open when Rachel called her in.

“Hey, Rae. Sorry I’m late, I didn’t mean to be, but I made a stop before I came over.” Quinn greeted, smiling happily at Rachel who hugged her affectionately in greeting.

Rachel quirked an eyebrow as she pulled away, “Where did you have to make a stop?”

Quinn chose not to answer directly; instead she raised the bouquet for Rachel to see clearly, “These are for you.”

Rachel flushed darkly as she took the flowers and pressed a kiss to an equally flushed Quinn’s cheek, “Thank you. They’re beautiful, why did you choose these specifically?” She asked softly, her warm brown eyes meeting Quinn’s and almost instantly, the blonde was tempted to blurt out her entire plan in that moment.

Quinn smiled, the vague twinge of nervousness she felt expressing itself in the slight trembling in her hands and the shaky tone of her voice.

“Well, Rae, I’ve been tryin’ to work up the nerve to tell you somethin’ for quite a while. Unfortunately, I’m naturally kind of dazzled by you and I can never seem to express my feelings clearly. I was kind of hopin’, that if you let me explain those flowers that I could get part of my meaning across.” Quinn managed her voice low and vulnerable.

Rachel nodded slowly, taking note of the way Quinn’s accent became thicker and the way she unconsciously started to drop the g’s from her words in the manner that she frequently took to when she was incredibly nervous.

Quinn smiled slightly and cleared her throat, flushing again when Rachel tugged at her hands until they were sitting on Rachel’s bed together, as close as they could possibly be to one another. Quinn shifted in place until she had her legs crossed and Rachel was sitting directly in front of her in the exact same manner.

“Well, I uh…I put the lilacs in there, ‘cause I remembered they were your favorite. The camellia, those white ones in there, well I looked those up and those means ‘you’re adorable’, so I thought it was fitting.” Quinn paused to gauge Rachel’s reaction and smiled shyly at the brunette when the younger girl flashed a sheepish, adoring smile towards her.

“The purple and yellow flowers are irises, and those mean that I value our friendship above everything. That last flower, the red one, is a chrysanthemum, and I almost didn’t put those in there.”

Rachel frowned as she gently ran her fingers along the crimson petals of the flowers; she glanced at Quinn curiously, “Why?”

Quinn bit her lip and chewed it nervously, “I was scared. I am scared, of what they mean, of what you might think when I tell you.”

Rachel smiled warmly and set the bouquet next to them on the bed, reaching out to grasp Quinn’s hands and squeeze them gently,
“Whatever they mean, I want you to tell me. I know you’re nervous and scared…but if you don’t take a chance, how will you ever know what I’ll say?”

Quinn smiled, a renewed determination expressing itself through the expression, “Those are special, because they mean ‘I love you’, and I thought I’d waited more than long enough to tell you.”

Rachel gazed at her companion silently for a few moments before a bright smile graced her lips and she leaned forward suddenly, capturing Quinn’s lips in a soft, long awaited kiss. Quinn felt her eyes flutter closed and she smiled into the kiss, allowing her hands to rest lightly on Rachel’s hips as the brunette’s arms snaked gently around her neck.

“So, does that mean you like the flowers?” Quinn asked teasingly when they broke apart.

Rachel laughed and leaning into Quinn until their foreheads rested against one another’s, “Yes, Lucy Q. I loved the flowers.”

Quinn grinned, “Awesome. I have a few more questions for you then.”

Rachel chuckled lowly, “All right, ask away then.”

Quinn smiled, “First, will you go on a date with me? Second, will you be my girlfriend?”

Rachel grinned and kissed Quinn chastely, “Yes, and of course.”

Quinn smiled happily, “Awesome. For right now though, do you wanna watch a movie?”

Rachel quirked an eyebrow teasingly, “There’s nothing else you’d rather be doing?”

Quinn flushed darkly and kissed the tip of Rachel’s nose with a bashful smile, “Of course there is, but you’ve only been my girlfriend for five minutes. And I don’t want to rush into anything.”

The blonde girl smiled again and glanced down sheepishly, “Besides, your dads’ aren’t home and I’d be disrespecting them if we were doing anything else but watching a movie right now.”

Rachel giggled and kissed Quinn gently before she slid off of the bed, “You are the cutest thing I have ever seen. We’ll watch a movie then, what are you in the mood for?”

Quinn shrugged and fought hard not to stare when Rachel bent over to look at her DVD player, “Doesn’t make any difference to me, Rae. You pick one.”

Rachel smiled and within a few minutes the movie had started, the lights were off and Rachel had returned to her bed, cuddling into Quinn’s side gently.

“I love you.” Quinn murmured, kissing Rachel’s temple softly.

Rachel smiled warmly, “I love you too, Luce.”


The following school week was one of the best weeks Quinn and Rachel had ever experienced. All of their friends were overjoyed to hear the news of their relationship, and no one else around the school even batted an eye, easing a majority of Quinn’s worries regarding negative publicity from the rest of their peers. Quinn had also promised Rachel a date at some point during the week and the brunette was awaiting that day eagerly, mostly because Quinn refused to tell her anything because the blonde girl was determined to keep it an absolute secret.

Rachel ambled up to her locker and quirked an eyebrow wordlessly as a small, folded piece of paper slid out of her locker as she opened it. She reached for the paper and scanned it briefly, immediately taking note of Quinn’s familiar, flowing handwriting.
Hey, Sweetie!
I’m going to pick you up from your house at 3.
Be ready for our date ;)
P.S. wear something warm! Love you!

The brunette girl smiled slightly to herself as she tucked the note into the back pocket of her jeans and exchanged the books she would need for the remainder of the weekend. It took her all of ten minutes to drive home and another twenty to get ready for her date with Quinn.

Needless to say, she almost tackled her girlfriend in a hug when the blonde girl arrived to pick her up.

“Will you tell me where exactly we’re going?” Rachel asked after Quinn had kissed her chastely in greeting.

Quinn chuckled lowly and shook her head, “I can’t do that, Rae. It’s a surprise, remember?”

Rachel pouted in response as she slid into the car and huffed softly as Quinn took her place in the driver’s seat.

“Look at it this way, sweetheart. It takes twenty minutes to get there, and when we’re there, it won’t be a surprise anymore.” Quinn explained teasingly, eliciting an eye roll from Rachel in response.

True to Quinn’s prediction, the drive to where they were going was only twenty minutes and they pulled up to a nondescript looking warehouse. Rachel assumed the sign naming the business was on the opposite side from where they were parked, because all she could see was the front entrance and even then she couldn’t make out what was beyond it.

“Can you ice skate, Rae?” Quinn asked suddenly as they joined hands and headed for the building.

Rachel nodded slowly, “Yes, I can skate well enough.”

Quinn grinned as she held the door open, “That’s good, after you.”

Rachel entered the building and smiled as she took in the sight of a small picnic laid out for them near a full size ice rink that was lacking any other patrons. There were Christmas lights strung around the rink and the lights were dimmed slightly, causing an almost ethereal glow to surround them.

“Quinn, it’s beautiful. How did you do all this?”

Quinn smiled and kissed Rachel’s cheek softly, “Santana’s uncle owns this place and San told me I should give him a call. She said you liked ice skating so I thought it would be nice. I asked him if we could use it for the afternoon, and he said it was okay, so here we are.”

Rachel smiled and kissed Quinn softly, “It’s wonderful, and she is correct. I do like ice skating.”

Quinn smiled, “Let’s get started then, the food is for later. I made it, so you’ll have to tell me how it is.”

Rachel glanced at her girlfriend in surprise as they sat down to slip on their skates, “You know how to cook?”

Quinn smiled and nodded, “Yep, among other things.”

Rachel chuckled, “You should tell me some more things I don’t already know about you. We could turn it into a game.”

Quinn laughed as she intertwined their fingers and stepped out onto the ice, pushing off and gliding around the rink slowly with Rachel right next to her.

“All right then. Um…I can play the piano, I have a birthmark shaped like Australia on my hip, and I don’t think I have a very good singing voice.” Quinn said, glancing at Rachel when she finished.

Rachel frowned slightly, “You have a beautiful voice Quinn.” She insisted softly.

Quinn shook her head, “Not like yours, it’s not nearly as amazing.”

Rachel slid to a stop and met Quinn’s eyes, “Of course your voice isn’t like mine, and you’re not me Quinn. Your voice is unique and it’s lovely. Truthfully, your voice is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. It fits you.”

Quinn flushed and smiled slightly, “Does it? Why’s that.”

Rachel leaned up and kissed Quinn lovingly, “It fits you, because you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. And I love you.”

Quinn chuckled lowly, “I love you too.”

Pairing(s): Rachel/Quinn, Santana/Brittany, Kurt/Sam
Rating: PG
Summary: Sam, Quinn, and Brittany are triplets. They move to Lima from Tennessee before the start of their Junior year. Shortly after arriving they meet the three resident divas of McKinley. The rest, as they say, is history.
Notes: Hey, guys! I'm super sorry that this chapter is late, but I've had an insane couple of weeks so I haven't really had the time to write. This week has been kind of weird, but I was determined to get a chapter out for you guys. I got bit by a spider or something on Monday and spent all day on Wednesday feeling sick after I had an allergic reaction to the bite. But I'm feeling much better now, and I hope you guys like this chapter. I know I do!

Review and enjoy!


(Anonymous) on September 19th, 2011 06:50 pm (UTC)
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wonderful post, thank you.
julsola007 on September 21st, 2011 06:35 am (UTC)
Sorry it's been like forever and I'm really late in commenting on this! I really loved it though, you did a great job. :) Everything was just so cute and adorable and fluffy... it was awesome. ;) Keep up the great work!