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27 August 2011 @ 07:20 pm
Uncharted Territory (9/?)  

Pairing(s): Rachel/Quinn, Santana/Brittany, Kurt/Sam
Rating: PG
Summary: Sam, Quinn, and Brittany are triplets. They move to Lima from Tennessee before the start of their Junior year. Shortly after arriving they meet the three resident divas of McKinley. The rest, as they say, is history.
Notes: Hey, everyone! I really just want to thank everyone who has reviewed this, everyone who has added both it and me to their favorites' list, you guys have no idea how much I appreciate it. To all of my readers on LJ, thank you all for the comments and I'm super thrilled that you all seem to like reading this as much as I love writing it. By the way, I got the idea to use a flashback to cover Rachel and Quinn's experience at the hospital from one of my new friends on LJ. So, I hope you like this and I hope you're excited for the next chapter, I know I am!

Review and enjoy!


Quinn studied the brace on her wrist and the splints on her fingers with distaste, she absolutely hated them but she couldn't help but feel a little proud at the thought that she had injured herself while protecting her family. Granted, it still sucked and her hand hurt really badly and her mom wouldn't let her take her Vicodin yet and she was insanely bored.

Her thoughts drifted absently until they settled on the eventful experience of going to the hospital on Thursday and somehow managing to miss an entire day of school. She really wanted to talk to Rachel, but she couldn't because the younger girl was at Temple and she wouldn't be home for an hour or so. Quinn almost felt the need to smack herself when she realized what a dork she had been on Thursday, although she was pretty sure Rachel hadn't had a problem with it. Quinn herself blamed it on two things really, her attraction to Rachel and some very effective pain pills.


"I still don't understand why I needed an ambulance. I broke my hand; I'm not bleeding from a gaping hole anywhere." Quinn drawled dryly as she sat up in her gurney on the way to the hospital.

The paramedic sitting next to her, Jeremy grinned and almost laughed out loud, "No worries, kid. It's procedure, that's all. Besides, we're going to get there a hell of a lot faster this way," he glanced between Rachel and Quinn quickly, "Now, little lady, what's your relation to our patient here?"

Rachel flushed slightly, "She's my best friend." She answered, neglecting to add the fact that they were probably even closer than that.

Quinn nodded in agreement, "Yeah, we're friends."

Jeremy studied them both for a minute before he smiled again, "All right, so how did you hurt your hand, Quinn?"

Quinn frowned, "Am I allowed to tell you that?"

He nodded slowly, "Yeah, I should hope so. It might help me pinpoint the part of your hand that's damaged the most."

Quinn flushed sheepishly, "I sort of beat the snot out of this guy who was messing with my sister."

Jeremy nodded slowly, "What did he do to your sister?"

Quinn frowned and nearly growled in annoyance at the thought of Karofsky, "He threw a slushie at her."

He winced, "Ouch, that's brutal." He glanced up briefly and smiled, "Well, we're here, so hopefully you'll be in and out pretty quickly."

After the first hour, Quinn assumed Jeremy's idea of "pretty quickly" was a hell of a lot different than her own. "Rae, I'm friggen bored." Quinn grumbled, pouting slightly as she slumped in her chair in the E.R. waiting room.

Rachel giggled at the childish expression on her best friend's face, "Well, what do you propose we do, Luce?"

Quinn frowned as she thought, "I have no idea. But this is taking forever!" Quinn groaned, glaring at her injured hand.

Rachel rubbed her arm soothingly, "We should be able to get you checked out soon, just be patient."

Quinn grumbled something under her breath and leaned into Rachel gently, intent on taking a nap because there was absolutely nothing else to do. Roughly three hours later, Quinn could hardly remember that she was injured in any way, shape or form and she was, as her dad would say, "about as high as a kite," although she had no energy to care about that.

"How are you feeling, Quinn? Has the medication helped at all?" The intern treating her, Quinn was pretty positive her name was Emma, asked her gently, carefully inspecting her x-rays.

Quinn grinned brightly in response, "I…feel so awesome! That medicine is awesome!" She responded, bursting into a fit of giggles that left Rachel to watch her with a cross between amusement and adoration.

Emma chuckled lowly, "I'm glad to hear it, Quinn. Well, I'm going to go and get you a few things real quick and then I'll be back. Sit tight, okay?"

"Will do, doc." Quinn drawled thickly, her voice escaping her lips in a low, husky twang. "Hey, Rae?"

Rachel glanced at Quinn curiously, "Yes?"

Quinn glanced at her seriously, "Have I ever told you how amazing you are?" She asked softly.

Rachel blushed hard and shrugged, "Um...no, I don't believe so."

Quinn looked positively affronted for a moment before she smiled crookedly, "Well, you are amazing, and really gorgeous and I like you a lot and I don't know why I didn't tell you that sooner. I think I was too nervous." She confessed with a small smile that prompted a warm smile from Rachel.

"Thank you, Luce." Rachel replied, pressing a lingering kiss to the blonde girl's cheek.

Quinn flushed and smiled bashfully, "Your welcome, Rae."

Emma returned a few minutes later and within twenty minutes Quinn was out of the E.R. and waiting for Sam and Kurt to come pick them up. Still just as high as she had been earlier and very much oblivious to her injuries.


Quinn shook herself to clear her thoughts and sighed lowly, starting suddenly when her phone rang out loudly, indicating that she had a new text message. She leaned over and grasped her phone gingerly, biting her lip to keep from whimpering as she grabbed the device at the wrong angle and sent a lance of pain through her injured wrist. The blonde girl glanced at the display briefly and smiled, Rachel had sent her a text message.

Hey, Luce. How are you feeling this afternoon?

I'm feeling a little better. How was Temple, Rae?

It was Temple. But Puck was there to keep me entertained, so it wasn't entirely terrible. Are you doing anything tonight?

Nope. I'm free. Why?

I was only wondering if you would like to spend the night at my house. If your parents approve, of course.

Quinn grinned brightly and pushed herself off of the couch gingerly before she started to type out a response.

That would be great. I have to ask my mom real quick.

Of course, take your time, Luce.

"Momma!" Quinn called as she made her way to the kitchen where she suspected her mother would be.

Christina glanced at her oldest daughter curiously, "What's up, buttercup?"

Quinn smiled and kissed her mother's cheek in greeting, "Rach wants to know if I can spend the night at her house."

Christina bit her lip thoughtfully before she smiled at her daughter, "That's fine, sweetheart. As long as you remember to take some of your medicine with you."

Quinn nodded excitedly, "I will, I promise." She replied happily before she hurried out of the kitchen to ready her things.

My mom said I can stay over. Is it okay with your dads?

Yes, they have no problem with it. When can you come over?

I'll be there in a half an hour? Is that all right?

Sounds perfect, Luce. See you then.

Quinn grinned again and tucked her cell phone into her pocket. This was actually the first time she had ever spent the night at Rachel's house and she was both incredibly excited and very nervous, considering Rachel knew exactly how much Quinn cared about her following her unintentional confession at the hospital. Although, she really had no idea why she was so reluctant to ask Rachel out, they both had very strong feelings for each other and it wouldn't take much to get her point across. Quinn studied herself in her bedroom mirror and almost laughed at the determined expression that flitted across her features.

It was official then; Quinn was more than ready to ask Rachel to be her girlfriend. All she had to do was manage to ask the question without turning into a total moron and backing out altogether. Then again, both of her siblings had already began relationships with their crushes, so why couldn't she? Quinn smiled at her reflection in the mirror again as she prepared to leave.

"Rachel Berry, prepare to be wooed."

julsola007 on August 28th, 2011 06:49 am (UTC)
Aww, thanks so much for taking my request! You did a great job too. ;)

This chapter was super cute and I can't wait to see Quinn woo Rachel! Update soon! :D